At TARF, the foundation of our work is sustainable development, and hours are spent brainstorming and thinking of ways in which we can do our part towards a better and sustainable world.

From adhering to the seventeen goals of sustainable development goals, we continue to take a holistic approach to these goals. Rather than secluding them, we believe in the interconnection each goal has to the other; of how violence against women can be curbed through eradicating poverty and raising literacy. In this way, we keep all sustainable development goals in mind which working on our campaigns, drives, and initiatives.

In a world where everything and everyone is racing to achieve the best of the best, sustainability has been placed on the back burner. At the rate we are going, this could potentially lead to dangerous and irreversible conditions. We must take a step back to access the point we are at and the direction we are heading in.

From worsening climate conditions to the rapid extinction of flora and fauna, if we do not access our present condition it could lead to something lethal. Not only individual participation but we must hold our governments and the big corporations accountable for their large part in the ever-diminishing resources on earth.

The youth are our future but what future are we talking about where there are no resources left and the conditions are worse than ever. Only through sustainable development is the rehabilitation and the replenishment of the environment and its biodiversity possible. Going plastic-free or zero waste, eating locally sourced food, proper recycling, and waste management, slowing down the melting of the icebergs are all part of the huge plan for sustainable development.

Join hands with our organization to make an impact and to do your part in securing a future not only for ourselves but also for future generations.