arjun kasana

As Socrates quoted, “The secret is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.”

We at THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION aim to nurture such dictums in each and every individual of the society. Commencing on the note of building a collaborative atmosphere for all and facilitating skill development to yield a wholesome outcome, we intend to complement each other as an egalitarian, developed country. The organization believes that development isn’t just about transforming economies but transforming the lives of the people. Therefore, we focus on sustainable and inclusive development. Simultaneously, our objective is not just brushing people’s skills but also empower them by providing access to basic amenities of life enabling them to earn respect and dignity for themselves and their future generations.

Being the Director of such a propitious organization, I believe that it’s the time to pay back our debts to the pedagogic society for all its favours. It is amazing to know what you can accomplish if taking credits is not the concern of any identity of the organization, after all, it’s the beneficiaries that matter. Therefore we work not as a team but as a family to achieve our goals of inclusive growth along with a gradual learning process throughout.

We at THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION works on the notion of ‘Who knows better, does better.’ Therefore, we as an organization look up to transform our thoughts into actions and rising to the pavilion in a collective manner.

The fortitude of our organization lies in its firm believe in its employees, volunteers and supporters who have always helped the foundation in every possible way.