ek dagar ghar tak

Think Act and Rise foundation has always put duty to the man above everything else. Regardless of the cost and the hardships, the objective of the organization has never been compromised whatsoever. Whether the aim was the mass distribution of PPE masks in order to promote public health in such troubling times like these during the outbreak or to facilitate the migration of laborers, we have always tried our level- and beyond, best to help in every possible way that we can.

Our team has worked tirelessly on the ground, especially our Secretary, Mr. Arjun Kasana, who has personally overlooked, the success of all our endeavors. The most recent incident that he talks about is when he stumbled upon this group of old aged people, who were walking all the way to Haldoi without any able resources, in sweltering heat with their possessions heavier than their resolve to reach their home town.
Authorities were immediately notified about the situation and provisions were made in order to ease the difficulties of their journey. A taxi was booked by the CO of Haridwar for them and this gave him the idea to sponsor buses for the labours who had lined up against all odds, to procure means of finally finding themselves home.

Prior to these engagements, train tickets were being booked for these laborers, and necessary healthcare equipment and meals were being provided to all of these people.

This project, Project Rahat, was an idea that we have managed to turn into a reality with your help and Jiyo India Foundation. We have stayed up all night and worked our days off to see those eyes getting filled with the relief of finally being back to where they belong. Rahat, is our only end-game.
We have managed to help them reach their Dagar, and all we ask of you is to help us help more