Goal 14


Life Under Water

Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals focuses on the conservation and the sustainability of not only the water bodies that grace the earth but also of the creatures that occupy the said waters. The Oceans and water bodies cover a large part of the globe; up to 70 percent but these water bodies are treated badly and the creatures are constantly hurt in the process of production and consumption.

This goal aims to reverse the negative human effects that have been reflected on the oceans and on the wildlife that rightfully occupy them. From preventing oil spills to reversing the melting of the icebergs. This can only be achieved by holding big corporations accountable for their actions that for years have accelerated the deterioration of the water bodies which have in turn affected the quality of life for biodiversity as well.

Other concerns include the practice of unethical fishing to the extent of driving the species into danger of endangerment or extinction. From mass consumption to the greed of corporations, this goal encompasses the advocacy for stricter laws surrounding the matters of the oceans.

We must take a step back to access the damage we are inflicting on the oceans and their ecosystem to an extent of no return. Irreversible damage has already been inflicted and if we continue to act the way we do, we might soon be facing threatening conditions.

From helping foster the growth and rehabilitation of aquatic creatures and flora to restricting the interference of human activities; the goal is to ensure harmonious life below water which in turn massively impacts the quality of life for all of us on land as well.