Forest Dwellers have a long history of having their right to migrate and settle in forest land abused and denied. They have faced constant harassment from authorities and people’s general lack of their habits and lifestyle has made life difficult for these rightful dwellers of the forest.

From being denied their right to cultivate, settle and herd cattle; these forest dwellers face constant discrimination and profiling. This has resulted in making their quality of life worse as they are unable to exercise their rights, as laid by the constitution.

Due to a general lack of connection with the outside world as a result of their way of living, these communities are often misinformed or are not adequately educated on their rights and the extent of the laws passed around their well-being. They face challenges such as the lack of quality healthcare, no access to education for their children and youth, period poverty rampant among their women, and so much more.

We aim to educate these communities to help bring about change and growth among the individuals. Through this, the forest dwellers can exercise their rights and be able to stand up to authorities who harass or bully them out of their settlements. Not only will this help them learn their rights but can also lead to better opportunities now that the world is their oyster.

Creating new opportunities for the youth of the forest dwellers communities means to be able to access better healthcare, education, and other resources; education is a powerful tool, and to exercise it means radical change. This change can be sparked with a simple move of learning one’s rights and demanding that these rights be respected allowing them to rightfully claim the respect they deserve.