In a powerful democracy like ours, every citizen of the country holds equal rights to live a harmonious and unbiased life. But what about people who are placed in positions of disadvantage due to their race, caste, gender, or creed.

Numerous individuals belonging to these vulnerable groups are often abused or taken advantage of due to their status of being downtrodden. This is where the importance of education and awareness is glaring, being unaware of your constitutional rights means many are unable to rise to their potential.

This is where we come in; our organization aims to provide pro bono legal advice and services. Through this initiative, we hope to educate people of marginalized groups and communities about their rights and how they can freely exercise the same. Not only is this campaign aimed towards tribal communities and forest dwellers, women, and children but for anyone who needs legal guidance and with nowhere to turn to for this sort of guidance.

Awareness is the first step to change; being aware of your rights means being able to defend yourself in situations that are unavoidable due to discrimination in the system. By providing legal advice, not only do we wish to better your quality of life but also look forward to the general well-being that will descend on our society.

Our excellent legal partners are at the top of the game and through their passion for helping those in need have taken the active initiative in making this possible. Not only are they ready to put their best foot forward but in fact are constantly in touch with the daily happenings to assess where their help is required and appreciated.

At the end of the day, making even a little progress towards change is what makes our organization work hard. With this initiative, we look forward to the many lives we could positively impact and the many opportunities we can bring to the people.