There has never been and probably never will be a tool as powerful as education in this world. Education is the stepping stone to a better quality of life, more opportunities in life, and also for finding solutions to sustainable development goals.

The divide in literacy around the world is glaring and it is interesting to find the correlation between education and poverty, bias and violence. Education can be extremely useful in spreading awareness among the masses of the various challenges we face as a society.

We at TARF place education on a pedestal as we understand the high priority education is. From sponsoring fellowships for children who have experienced misfortune or lost their guardians to helping spread awareness among the rural areas of the nation; we aim to cover it all.

In the age of virtual means of learning, many communities are still struggling to find quality education. The number of female students, although have seen a considerable increase over the ages, is still underwhelming. Apart from that, there is no translation of these students into the workforce which highlights the bias women still face while trying to enter the workforce.

This uneven distribution of education and underwhelming levels of literacy in the nation only further points to a more systemic flaw which is the bias the girl child faces from a young age. Parents do not prioritize the education of their daughters which means that their access to better opportunities in life is cut down.

Education is one of the main aims of sustainable development goals with every governing body and organization around the world thriving to make education more accessible and diverse. Our organization is always thinking of ways to support the education of the youth in our country; from campaigns to raise money for the education of children from poor backgrounds to drive to educate the elderly as well.