Goal 2



Bono once said, “If we want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.” However as much as it is great to hear this, does the same goes in the real world? Or it’s just used as a quote till now? Although the rapid economic growth and increase in the agriculture   productivity over the decades has reduced the undernourished people by half and it seems to enlighten the fact that the aim of SDGs of eradicating all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030 can be reached but still, we have to cover a long way because even as of now there is about 795 million of total population are still undernourished.

This goal was formed keeping in mind that it will enhance the agriculture practices globally which in turn helps to achieve other goals since Agriculture still provides employment to 40%of the total population. This number is even higher when it comes to India increasing up to 70% of total population, ironically the country has so much employment under agriculture yet it has its 15% of population i.e., 195.9million people undernourished. And not only India, Asia is the continent with the most undernourished people combining of world’s two-thirds population.

Over the years, UNDP has made its effort in bringing together government, big business and small-scale farmers to support sustainable agricultural practices to provide more resources to women farmers. If we go by the fact then the number of hungry people can be reduced by 150million if women farmer gets the same level of resources as men. In India government has come across with a lot of initiative such as “Food Security Bill-2013”, “Integrated Child Development Scheme” and what not. But the bigger question is can the hunger be eradicated from the world by 2030? And, if not what are the best and bigger ways to reduce it to a minimum. The least each country can do is to formulate its own policies to support this cause, as an add on to this goal.  If we want to achieve this aim, we have to work together by involving everyone and we should always remember, a hungry man is never a free man.