About Us

” Be the change you wish to see in the world “

THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION is an organization which was founded by a group of students pursuing their undergraduate studies from Delhi University in 2014. Over the years the organization was joined by some of the most empathetic, committed and skilled professionals to build a multidisciplinary team, which continues to grow.

The main objective initially was to give platforms and nurture unique ideas and innovative thinking.

The organization promoted, talents, creativity and ideas and in the process provided vocational skill sets and better employment opportunities and quality of life. However, the journey has progressed, we have learnt that it will take something more than just ‘skill building’ to walk towards the Inclusive and sustainable development. We have learnt that our vision and intent is so much more than creating “a” Skill Development Platform. The organization dug deep into the well of the society and started working for a stronger niche.

Our Vision: Our Vision is to become the most trusted and strongest voice of the people at the bottom of the pyramid and their communities in order to enable their inclusive and sustainable development.