In line with our initiative to make legal advice available to people in need and those belonging to marginalized communities, we carry out policy research to determine the parties it benefits and how the loopholes in the policy could negatively affect those it is supposed to protect.

As part of policy research, we take a neutral look at the laws and actions passed to access future situations that could arise and how we can be one step ahead in preventing future complications, confrontations, or problems.

At the end of the day, the goal is to ensure that the vulnerable communities and marginalized groups are not abused and taken advantage of due to their lack of access to news, education, healthcare, or other basic resources.

In a world where those who are different from the norm are often shunned, it is important to inculcate inclusivity and diversity. This means extending respect and brotherhood with individuals of marginalized groups to ensure harmony and peace among all communities.

Based on the research we do, if anything crops up then this issue is taken to the necessary authorities for proper rectification to avoid future conflicts from rising up. This also means being connected to the culture and the traditions of these communities in order to assess what is best for them.

Policy research also extends to extensive and in-depth study, research, and analysis of the economy which extends to the gap in wealth distribution, social situations from discrimination against certain classes to marginalization on the basis of caste, political situations. The research is taken one step ahead by comparing two policies or two solutions for the same issue to assess the best outcome possible for the parties involved but also for a sustainable answer in general.