Goal 7


affordable and clean energy

The world that exists today consists of some mind-blowing technology, nobody ever thought of even 20 years back. And for this technology to exist, adequate amount of resources is to be used. With the increase in the demand of better technology, the demand of cheaper resources also increases. However, just like there is a limit to everything, natural energy which is converted into the sources we need, is limited to. Therefore, for proper use of energy, for not abusing them, goal number 7 comes into light.

 Sustainable development means to use the existing resources and energy we have, in such a way, that it doesn’t compromise the demands of the future. This goal ensures access to affordable, reliable, modern and sustainable energy for everyone. Sometimes, to get cheaper energy, people compromise on the quality, and then overuse comes into play. To make sure, this doesn’t happen repeatedly, some measures are to be taken. Sustainable Development Goal targets to firstly, spread awareness about renewable and sustainable resources. The best way to move forward in the direction of sustainability is through by optimum use of renewable resources. Another initiative is SDG Fund Programme. As the name suggests, it is a programme to provide subsequent funds to reach the goal.  Every country is doing its part best to be where they aim to be by 2030. For example, India aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emission intensity by 33-35% by 2030 and boost the renewable form of energy capacity to 40% by 2030. To go a little more sustainable in their resources. It aims to fulfil the electricity requirement by the use of non-fossil fuels.

 The world is so much focused on the sustainable part of the development because our requirements exceeds the availability of energy. If we go by the rate we are on now, the time isn’t far away when we won’t have anything to support this technology. Therefore, we need to focus on smart use of what we have.