ANUsha khari memorial scholarship

They say a parent should never have to outlive their child, but in the case of Anusha and her father who held her so dear to his heart, tragedy struck on 16 February when his beloved daughter left for heavenly abode. On 3 May, Anusha would have been celebrating her 15th birthday in the presence of her family and friends.

Described as being the very heart and the soul of the family, Anusha was a loving child. Not only was she loved immensely but she also made everyone in her presence feel loved and seen. Despite her tender age, Anusha was the keeper of her family; she made life worth living and even yet, made it worth enjoying.

She displayed great maturity and conducted herself with such grace. She was the emotional caretaker for her family and friends. Being raised by a single parent, Anusha cared for her father just as much as he did for her. She took care of him and his diet, she ensured that Mr. Khari avoided sweets and oily food, all for the sake of his health.

Anusha was a people’s magnet, often capturing the hearts of all those she met; you could not help but want to be acquainted with her. If she was the sun, others were eager sunflowers seeking her warmth.

Her father, the Chairman at TARF, conveys that she held quite a unique place in all their lives. The gaping vacuum in his heart could never possibly be filled, but he knows that Anusha would want him to heal with time. Hence, he is trying with all his might to heal, bit by bit, the memories of his daughter providing him with the strength to do so.

Along with her passing, a future that promised utmost happiness and bliss now seemed impossible. The achievements they could celebrate and the new memories they could build together seem like a far-away dream. To honor the life and memory of his daughter, Anusha’s father finds that a fitting tribute would help others find their happiness by achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Through this fellowship, we wish to enable ambitious daughters to achieve big things for the betterment of their lives. It would bring him immense joy and satisfaction if he could bring light to even one child’s life.

With this objective in mind, he has graciously set up a scholarship for this very purpose. Mr. Khari decided to fund girls’ studies in hopes of seeing them achieve heights of success, all the things he wished for his daughter. The dreams and the kind of independent life which Mr. Khari envisioned for Anusha is what we now wish to make possible for other girls.

It is a merit cum means scholarship meant solely for girls, this means that the recipient would have to meet certain criteria to be awarded the fellowship. The scholarship would be supporting the following academic activities;

  1. Supporting 9th and 10th standard students for their coaching/tuition.
  2. Supporting coaching for 11th and 12th standard students in various career-related courses such as JEE, NEET, CLAT, etc.
  3. Supporting coaching for government jobs-related exams at the graduate level.