The fresh guidelines issued by the Union Home Ministry made wearing masks mandatory for anyone stepping out of the home. With masks running out in stores, a group of youth named TARF Corona Warriors team made available face shields and masks for health workers and policemen. iKEBANA apartment resident Sachin Pawar and other members of the group have made available approximately 13,000 face masks from their pocket which were then distributed to doctors, health workers, and support staff at more than 65 hospitals across the state.

Sachin himself is an Indore Air Quality Consultant and has done extensive research and orders on pollution in collaboration with the government and private organizations. The police distributed the face masks to the helpers for free. Satendra Nagar reported that in the last 3 days, the team has given 12,500 face masks to healthcare workers and doctors & 11,000 to UP Policemen. 7,500 face masks were distributed among the sanitization workers and 6,000 to those serving in sealed hotspots. The TARF Corona warrior team included Devendra Khari, Lieutenant Lalit, Arjun Kasana, Sunil Nagar, and many more.

Many have come forward to contribute to this cause; Mr. Vijay Nagar, the director of CIS Worldwide provided us with the raw material for 8,000 shields. Deputy Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Fuldiya pledged raw materials for 5,000 face shields, 100 PPE kits, and 10,000 face masks

The Indian Post Office came to the aid of the organization to deliver 2,000 face shields to 5 destinations while the Indian Railways delivered 5,500 face shields to 3 destinations.

As the second wave of coronavirus took a dreadful form in the country, the Think Act and Rise Foundation made viable efforts to curb the hapless situation. During these times of distress, when resources were scant and health workers and security personnel were put in the greatest danger of catching this contagious virus, this team of young and motivated individuals was on the go. This mission by the foundation made it possible to provide affordable face masks.

Initially, Sachin Panwar got this idea from the recurring lack of PPE kits and face shields in the country. With the help of a new technique, which made use of projection sheets, elastic and double-sided tapes, he made and delivered ten thousand face masks free of cost, to the corona troopers across Delhi NCR. The outcome of all these efforts made the 150 rupees masks available at rupees 30 for the public.

Officers and beneficiaries highly liked and appreciated the efforts made by the organization. In addition to this, the organization had provided the Delhi and UP police with 11,000 face shields across more than 59 units engaged in the enforcement of law and order. Jitendra Singh, the district journalist, had ordered hundred face shields and granted them to police and doctors. Sachin Panwar and Arjun Kasana aimed at creating the covishield masks at an economical price and were successful.

These masks were requisite to curb the second wave of virus, as they acted as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from reaching others. When you wear a mask, you safeguard others as well as yourself. A mask is not an alternative to social distancing. Masks should still be worn adjunct to staying at least 6 feet apart, particularly when indoors around people who do not live in your domestic environment. It should cover the nose and mouth and fit compactly against the sides of the face without gaps and should be worn anytime you are traveling on a plane, bus, train, or other forms of public conveyance. Also, putting on a mask inside your home if someone you live with is sick with symptoms of COVID-19 would be a  prudent measure.

This is just one of the many endeavors the organization has made so far. Our country is going through distressing circumstances and sufferings are abound. The virus took a monstrous form across the country due to the negligence of the citizens. India let its guard down when daily cases of infection fell to fewer than 20,000 in January in contrast to 90,000 in September. Due to a false sense of normalcy that outspread across the country, people resumed social gatherings like religious and festive activities. A chronic shortage of hospital beds is apparent by the desperate cries for help on social media platforms. Perturbing reports of people dying without getting timely treatment are coming from all over the country. The lack of cooperation between states and the federal government over the supply of oxygen and required drugs had further added to the problem. Even the crematoriums are running day and night in several cities, which shows a sorrowful situation.

We have to take advantageous measures by reinforcing safety protocols, rapidly vaccinating people, and reaching out. According to the health ministry, by focusing on containment strategies, testing infrastructure, and health care augmentation, making trained human resources, supply of medical oxygen, ventilators available can curb the second wave, while preventing an inevitable third one in the country.

The ministry of external affairs is working with various government departments, nations, the private sector as well as industry associations to maneuver through this situation. Countries like the US, New Zealand, Europe as well as neighboring nations such as Bhutan, Bangladesh have committed to providing India with medical items and pharmaceutical products that the country momently needs to battle the striking rise in covid 19 cases.

Think Act and Rise foundation is continuously making strides towards uplifting those in hardship during this pandemic. All the efforts taken so far have yielded significant results. The upcoming target is to manufacture and fulfill the need for face marks for fifty thousand or more people. And if demand rises further than our team members comprising Sachin Panwar, Arjun Kasana, Sunil Nagar, Khavindar Chowdhry, Devandra Vikas, Vijay Nagar, Rajiv Maavi and, Chetan Vipin Khari will attempt to meet the same.

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