This is What People Speak About Us

THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION is a team of dedicated, educated, thoughtful and concerned citizens. Conservation of forests and resources is synonymous with Van Gurjar community. The cause-related to rehabilitation and bringing this very unique society into the mainstream is very important. The connection of these simple and nationalists people with mainstream society is fading away because of the negligence of civil society as well as the Government agencies. I support and endorse the cause to fight for the rights of Van Gurjars taken up by THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION in Personal capacity. I request all the sensible persons of civil society to come forward and extend your helping hand in achieving the cause. I also endorse the fact that traditional knowledge of Animal Husbandry, the medicinal value of plants of Himalayas and support to the national system is unmatched. Ignoring the role of this very important part of society our nomadic brethren will no longer keep our hope of integration. You can even support by buying the best quality organic milk and milk products from Van Gurjar at a reasonable rate.
I wish all the best to all those who are involved in the cause or at least think of welfare and wellbeing of this society.

Dr. Naresh Bainsla