Protective Face Shield for Front Liners

Think Act Rise Foundation is distributing low cost optically clear, distortion free Protective Face Shields. The Protective Face Shield plays an important role in providing protection to health & sanitation professionals, security personnel, suspected patients, essential services providers, retail outlets etc.
Features of the Product:
1. Made to fit over the spectacles and face mask.
2. Adjustable headband allows for a comfortable fit.
3. Made from transparent plastic, lightweight and offers clear vision.
4. Fast and easy to wear.
5. With mask it covers all 3 entries of the SARS-CoV-2 (eyes, nose & mouth).
6. Protect face and face mask from direct spatter and airborne particle.
This kit is developed by Mr. Sachin Panwar, Entrepreneur ex-student from IITD, Delhi. Some Doctors’ friends from AIIMS Delhi discussed with Mr. Panwar about the shortage of PPE kits and how it might lead to spread of Covid-19. After the discussion Mr Sachin Panwar same out with this idea which was also appreciated by Doctors from various Hospitals including AIIMS. They believe that this mask will be highly beneficial to the front liners who are involved in treatment (Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff, Ambulance drives, Sanitation soldiers), essential services providers, security personnel, etc. Since the shield is lightweight, it can be worn for hours without much irritation.