What is the main aim of this organization?

Our Objective is to become the most trusted and strongest voice of the people at the bottom of the pyramid and their communities in order to enable their sustainable development.

What are the future plans of this organization?

THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION aims to work efficiently and effectively towards the fulfilment of its objectives. All the present actions are directed towards it. We are in future planning to launch a cell in various colleges to bridge the gap between social science research theoretically and practically. 

Who administers each and every activity taking place in this organization?
Our organization is departmentalized. These departments are responsible for particular functions. The department heads are responsible for all the activities taking place within the departments and the department heads are answerable to the Director who overlooks all the activities.
Can I be a member of THINK ACT RISE FOUNDATION? And how do I apply for it?

Yes, you can surely be a part of our organization. We will be very glad for you to become a member of THINKnRISE. For the application procedure please visit this link.

Click Here to Apply

How are your operations funded?
The initial investment was done by the Founders and their friends. Till date, we haven’t applied for grants But soon we are looking for options to create some sustainable business models along with getting funds for projects.